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Watch TI3 DOTA 2 Grand Finals Navi Vs Alliance Replay Full Video And Results!

Written By JP Glo Majabat on Sunday, August 11, 2013 | 9:57 PM

Have you watched The International (TI3) 2013 DOTA tournament grand finals between NaVi and Alliance? If not, you can still watch The International (TI3) 2013 grand finals NaVi Vs Alliance replay video on the net. On the other hand, The International (TI3) DOTA 2 tournament grand finals winner is no other than Team Alliance! Congratulation to Team Alliance for the TI3 grand champion 2013 and for winning $1, 400, 000 grand prize plus the trophy. Team Navi will sent home prize with $600, 000 and the trophy. What a game and amazing grand final match of Navi and Alliance. It is the best grand finals ever of the history of DOTA. Lets congratulate Team Alliance and Team NaVi for their great game performance. Hope this game will remind us how DOTA 2 is so amazing game ever.

If you want to watch The International (TI3) 2013 DOTA 2 tournament live replay video, just tune in and watch the replay of TI3 tournament grand finals NaVi Vs Alliance 2013. Congratulations again to team ALLIANCE. Well deserved TI3 2013 grand champion.
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Watch The International 3 (TI3) DOTA 2 Live Stream No Lag

Written By JP Glo Majabat on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 | 2:08 PM

The International 3 (TI3) DOTA 2 tournament is just started. All qualified teams are professional and well-trained. They will have to show the most exciting and more actions. Lets watch The International 3 (TI3) DOTA 2 live tournament. Watch your favorite team and find out who will be the champion in this prestigious event.

Watch The International 3 (TI3) DOTA 2 Live Tournament!

Only NOOB can Trashtalk when losing the game! :D
note: If Offline, stay tune for the time scheduled live DOTA 2 stream. See scheduled of the game on video screen or you can see more DOTA 2 live streams.

Watch And Relate To DOTA O AKO Music Video

Written By JP Glo Majabat on Monday, July 22, 2013 | 11:00 PM

When I header this song, I actually related and got laughed! Yeah, I know how you feel it and just because you are guilty. Still DOTA is your one and only past-time game but GF is your first priority for your precious time. An advice is to spend your time wisely. lol... GG!

Some lyrics from the DOTA O Ako Music Video here.
Dota you add only one in the world, numerous girls though.
GF will also leave you, dota wont.
GF was angry when you play dota, dota was not angry when you spend time with the GF.
Dota was just happy to be 20 pesos, girlfriend isnt satisfied with 200.
if i played a different champion, dota was not angry.
but when you look at another woman, you're gf gets angry.
GF was hard to leave when you return, but Dota when you leave you'll stll probably play.
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DOTA or GF? :)

Amazing Na'Vi Dendi Queen Of Pain 44-0 Scores In 30 Minutes

Written By JP Glo Majabat on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | 12:03 AM

Na'Vi.Dendi Queen Of Pain
I can't imagine how to use Queen of Pain (QOP) like that when Dendi of Na'Vi strikes. Dendi in his unstoppable killings for beyond Godlike with 0 death is unbelievable. Here's the proof of Na'Vi Dendi Queen Of Pain with 44-0 scores in 30 minutes video.

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DOTA 2 Gamer Blog Photographics 1

Written By jophilsuperman on Friday, July 12, 2013 | 12:17 AM

When I have something to post on this DOTA 2 Gamer blog, I usually used edited photo or image graphics just to have post image or thumbnail in my content. It is just a beauty in the post that give interest to my readers. So, here are the sample nice DOTA 2 photos.

More DOTA 2 Gamer photographics soon!

Welcome Abaddon To DOTA 2 World!

Written By jophilsuperman on Thursday, July 11, 2013 | 8:41 AM

DOTA 2 updated its new game patch including Abaddon as a new DOTA 2 hero. Many DOTA 2 players are excited to see Abaddon in a game and they probably use it. Announcement has been released for this new added hero and it will be live end of this week. So, don't be too excited. Abaddon can be now available to use end of this week, OK?

By the way, I had a video for Abaddon. Its all about DOTA 2 newly added hero "Abaddon" and you can see a brief introduction of this hero. You will see on to use and how Abaddon looks like. In the video, demonstrate the way to use Abaddon. So, take a look and enjoy watching.
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Playing DOTA 2 Hero Warlock

I've never used DOTA 2 hero Warlock before in the game but when I joined steam and played DOTA 2, I used it for the first time. My friend said that Warlock in DOTA 2 game is a strong intelligent hero. Warlock is best for support. He can heal his team and the same time his shadow word skill can damage to enemy. I like the way he got into the clash because his Chaotic Offering skill can do damage in area effect and deals stunning enemies in a second. Warlock's Chaotic Offering has 1 golem to cast down and can be upgrade to 2 golems when Warlock got aghanims. 

In a great ultimate skill, Warlock can build refresher orb item to re-use his Chaotic Offering and gained 2 more golems. You can try Warlock by playing DOTA 2. You see will Warlock as a good support. 

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Watch For DOTA 2 CUP Series Live Tournament Online Stream

Written By JP Glo Majabat on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 | 11:06 AM

DOTA 2 is one of the most exciting game ever nowadays. Most of the time DOTA players are watching live  DOTA 2 tournament online just to see their favorite DOTA 2 team. Watching DOTA 2 live tournament is really exciting especially when the two teams are the top teams in the tournament. So, they are spectacular and worth-watching game.

So guys, if you want to watch DOTA 2 live tournament online with any Sponsored tournament CUPs, you can watch DOTA 2 live stream here. Just follow and view the pages below for the live streaming.
For BeyondTheSummit1 Channel, visit DOTA 2 Live stream.
For ThePremiereLeague Channel, visit DOTA 2 Live Stream 2.
For DotaTalkStream Channel, visit DOTA 2 Live stream 3.
For BeyondTheSummit2 Channel, visit DOTA 2 Live Stream 4.
For ThePremiereLeagueRu Channel, visit DOTA 2 Live Stream 5.
For D2L_Ru Channel, visit DOTA 2 Live Stream 6.

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